Digital Catalogs Are Best In BrandKeep

Organize all the digital catalogs you receive in BrandKeep, and get more done all season long.

With everything retailers need to manage during the season, keeping your brand assets organized and easily accessible is essential. We made BrandKeep to help specialty retail store owners and buyers keep their digital assets organized across all their brands, all season long.

BrandKeep collects digital information and assets from multiple locations and puts them into a retail-centric format called Brand Cards. You can store workbooks, digital catalogs, key assets, contacts, important links, order forms, invoices, terms, and more.


Today we're going to show you why BrandKeep is perfect for organizing your seasonal digital catalogs.

Moving Digital Catalogs Into BrandKeep

Moving digital catalogs into BrandKeep is easy and painless. There are two methods to accomplish this. You can find where the file is located on your computer and simply drag it onto the correct Brand Card inside of BrandKeep. Or you can take advantage of KeepMail, one of the powerful features found in BrandKeep. KeepMail moves files attached to an email directly onto the correct Brand Card. It's a simple way to keep your inbox clear of assets, and for them to be easily accessible.

Taking Advantage Of Workspaces

Once you have your digital catalogs on your Brand Cards, you can start leveraging the power of Workspaces. It’s a simple way to take a long list of assets and break them up into manageable sections, making it more efficient for your team to find the documents they need.

Typically, brands set up Workspaces by season, but with BrandKeep you have the ultimate flexibility to name them anyway you like. Then, you can go into the Assets folder and filter by Workspace across all of your Brand Cards to get a full list of all the documents connected to that Workspace.

A Sneak Peek Of What’s To Come

Soon you’ll be able to mark up digital catalogs with notes and more using BrandKeep’s Annotation tool. This will open up new opportunities for collaboration and efficiency for your team as they drop notes for each other on digital catalogs. We’re really excited to launch this feature, and the benefits it will provide to our users. Stay tuned!

BrandKeep, Organizing Better

When you combine the magic of KeepMail, the power of Brand Cards, and the effectiveness of Workspaces, it’s clear that BrandKeep is the best place for your team to store and access digital catalogs. BrandKeep keeps all your digital assets organized so your team can spend less time searching for files, and more time growing your store.

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