BrandKeep Delights Retailers At Trade Shows

We had a great time dazzling retailers with the power and possibility of BrandKeep at Grassroots Outdoor Connect and 360 Adventure Collective trade shows.

We’re back from Connect by Grassroots Outdoor Alliance and 360 Adventure Collective Southeast Summer Expo, both great shows. We met up with friends, drank in the energy of the shows, and introduced folks to BrandKeep.

Bummer if we didn’t see you there – hopefully next time. The good news is, you can still sign up for BrandKeep right here. And it’s totally free! The retailers we talked to at the shows were all looking for ways to streamline their operations, minimize data entry, and create more efficient teams – on the show floor and in their stores.

BrandKeep does that and more.

All the incoming digital assets from brands get organized right onto a Brand Card. That means your whole team can find what it needs, when it needs it. But, unlike DropBox or Google Drive (Check out the comparison here and here), assets in BrandKeep are actionable by your team through Tasks and Annotations. Because being organized and successful is more than just figuring out how to store all those digital catalogs, look books, order forms, and other assets. You need quick access to them, with tools that let you build momentum for your store.


As a former buyer, I wish I had access to BrandKeep back in my day. I truly believe it’s a game changer for retail shops, and the reactions I saw from retailers at these recent trade shows put proof to that. Don’t just take my word for it though. Read about how Charlie Wise from Mountaineer has his team on BrandKeep, and it’s become an essential part of their operations.

Want to know more? Reach out if you have any questions, or sign up today for free!

Pete Ashley
Manager of Community Growth

PS - Just to head it off at the pass, BrandKeep doesn’t hook into your POS system. We got that question a lot at these shows! It’s built as a retail-centric tool to help retailers stay organized in the (digital) back room, build a more efficient team, and be more successful.

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