BrandKeep Is Where Retail Gets Organized

We created BrandKeep specifically to enable specialty retail store owners and buyers to stay organized across all their brands.

We know retailers are working with a huge amount of brands (sometimes over 100!). They have to manage a seemingly endless flow of marketing assets, educational materials, order forms, line sheets, workbooks, and more.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone organized all this stuff for you?

Someone did. Spoiler alert: it’s us.

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The recent retailer’s challenge report asked shop owners how they manage and organize all the brand assets they receive. The results were enlightening.

60% of retailers said they used web browsers links. A few respondents said they use a combination of emails, spreadsheets peppered with links, and the folder system on their computer. Over 20% said they don’t have an organizational method at all.

That’s eye opening. But also, we get it. Running a store is hard work. Shop owners don’t have a lot of time to spend organizing the flow of assets from countless brands.

Say Hello To BrandKeep

BrandKeep is where retailers organize. We created it specifically to enable specialty retail store owners and buyers to stay organized across all their brands, so that running their store is easy and efficient.

It’s built to easily collect information from multiple locations. All that info and assets are then automagically dropped into a retail-centric format that empowers your entire team. BrandKeep stores all the workbooks, key assets, contacts, important links, order forms, invoices, terms, and more in one central workspace.

Built for, and Designed by, Retailers

BrandKeep does the heavy lifting – leaving retailers free to collaboratively visualize their business, get the whole team on the same page, and ensure all brands assets are easily accessible. Buyers will be able to rest easy knowing all their materials, notes, and deadlines are in a uniform, standard format, so they can focus on growing their existing brand relationships, and minimize the work of bringing on new ones.

But, BrandKeep is more than just a place to get organized. We created this platform with real-world feedback and input from retailers just like you, so we can launch with features that have been tested and proven in the field. Based on that feedback, we built tools for task management, and collecting assets from Dropbox, Google Drive™, or emails. BrandKeep also delivers 1 terabyte of file storage, and has extensive search capabilities.

“Everything we do revolves around ensuring specialty retail owners and buyers have a place to succeed. That’s why we designed BrandKeep as a way to solve the very real challenge of staying organized, and built it based on input from real retailers,” said Jon Faber, founder and CEO.

“From achieving operational bliss, to fostering collaborative partnerships, to creating a space for exceptional experiences, retailers can trust that our goal with BrandKeep is to offer a solution that propels their team toward these goals. Everybody wants to have fun running a successful store and building that community, so we are providing a retail centric organizational system and solution to take the burden off your plate and make it easy.”

Get BrandKeep

All specialty retail owners and buyers are invited to dive into the platform, get organized, and start boosting your productivity – for free. Click here to join!

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