Keep Calm And Centralize Assets Easily With KeepMail

KeepMail is here to help put all your assets in the right place.

Hey retailers, how messy is your inbox? Don’t worry, you’re probably not alone. We’d also guess that your buyer’s inboxes are also a disaster.

A recent survey of retailers shows that email inboxes are the leading solution for brand asset management and information strategy. Many retailers are looking to their email inbox to store and find workbooks, order forms, and other information they have received from a brand. The challenge here is that an inbox is also where retailers receive the majority of their communication and assets from all the brands they work with.

That’s a problem.


Simply put, an inbox is built for communication, not to organize information and assets or share it with your team so they can find what they need when they need it.

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Operating your store using your inbox as the central repository for brand assets creates many challenges for you.

1.Challenges with shared access for your team. If everyone on your team is using their email to manage brand assets and files, you’ve got no central hub for your team. Ouch.

2.Challenges of business continuity and succession. Inevitably, you won’t hold on to every buyer you employ. What happens to all the assets and files in their email when they go?

3.Challenges with time consuming back office work. Using your inbox as your central hub is going to put you into the busy spiral of constantly searching your email, downloading assets, uploading those assets to another email, then sharing it with your team. That's a time sink when you have customers on the floor.

As you can see, your inbox is the first point of failure in staying organized. Let me show you how BrandKeep’s KeepMail will make your life easier. Everyone on your team will be able to find that workbook, order sheet, or MAP policy when they need it.

KeepMail gives your store a unique email address ( for the sole purpose of receiving brand assets and files, and then automagically putting them in the right place in BrandKeep. Skip the spiral of searching, downloading, uploading, and sharing. That's right, KeepMail allows files attached to an email to be sent directly into your BrandKeep main asset dashboard for you to organize. Or, if you want to get really spicy, there is a way to put those assets right on the correct Brand Card.


Taking advantage of KeepMail shifts your strategy from using your inbox as a central repository for brand assets (that’s not really a strategy), to using BrandKeep as your central hub for organization across your team. Yes, anyone on your team can forward an email with assets to your KeepMail address!

Alright, those are the basics of the mess that many retailers find themselves in and how BrandKeep can help. Here are 3 options you can start using today. 

1. Forwarding an email with assets you want to Keep.

Let’s say a sales rep has sent you an order form and line sheet for the upcoming sales window. You can quickly get these assets into BrandKeep by forwarding this email to your KeepMail address.

  1. Click on the forward option from your email client, enter in your KeepMail address, and hit send.

  2. The order form and line sheet will appear on your Assets dashboard in BrandKeep. From here you will want to add the assets to the BrandCard for that Brand. Nice and easy.

So simple, right? You can forward assets to your KeepMail address with confidence, knowing BrandKeep has captured the attachments and they’re ready to be organized. You’ve replaced the spiral of downloading, uploading, and sharing with one click!

2. Keep it clean with KeepMail.

Got a bunch of brand info hanging around on your desktop? The KeepMail workflow makes it easy to get assets from your computer into BrandKeep. Just attach and send any asset from your normal email to your KeepMail and boom! Done. KeepMail is just… so… darn… easy. 

3. Land assets right on the right BrandCards using KeepMail.

But what if you didn’t have to do any of the work? Here’s the ideal use of KeepMail, and what makes it truly powerful for you and your team.

Same set up as before - let’s pretend a sales rep has sent you an order form and line sheet. However! This time you’ve given your brand partners a KeepMail address instead, and they send seasonal assets directly there. What happens? All those assets get automatically sorted onto the correct BrandCard, with zero effort on your part.


Simple Is Best

KeepMail makes life simpler for you. Easily centralizing assets is a big deal, and it opens up the true potential of what BrandKeep can do for your store. Interested in what that potential is? 

Check out “Life with BrandKeep” on our website.

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