Brand Asset Overload At Trade Shows? Keep It Together With KeepMail

KeepMail ensures the flow of workbooks, order forms, and all the digital brand assets you get at a trade show are organized and accessible for your team!

The sheer amount of digital assets that pour in from brands at a trade show is immense, and it’s tough for retailers to keep it all organized and accessible. There are workbooks, product catalogs, lookbooks, MAP policies, B2B links, rep contacts, order forms, marketing assets, and more. At the end of a day on the trade show floor it can be overwhelming to organize it all. Especially when you’d rather be at a happy hour instead of sitting in your hotel room organizing all this stuff.

Guess what? We’ve got a solution. BrandKeep solves this organizational challenge with KeepMail and Brand Cards.


Every retailer in BrandKeep gets a KeepMail address. KeepMail is an email address that delivers files directly into BrandKeep. The process is simple:

  1. Share your KeepMail address with anyone sending you digital assets.
  2. The assets they send land in BrandKeep for your entire team to access.

Done. No more sifting through emails or pulling files from multiple cloud locations. The assets all live in one place and are accessible to your entire team. 

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KeepMail + Brand Cards

Every brand you have in BrandKeep has its own Brand Card. This central location houses all the contacts, links, and digital assets that you have collected for that brand.

The magic here is that KeepMail is going to send all your incoming brand assets directly to the correct Brand Card. Every workbook, order form, contact, catalog or critical asset a brand sends you is immediately sent to the correct Brand Card. Better yet, you can set up workspaces within Brand Cards to organize by season, or whatever way works best for your team.


Before you head to the trade show, connect your brand contact’s email addresses with their respective Brand Cards. Then, when that brand contact sends assets to your KeepMail address, they’re going directly into the right Brand Card.

This gives you, your team, and anyone else authorized to see the Brand Card, instant access to those assets. Now you can spend more time at the trade show building relationships and placing orders, and less time managing digital assets.

BrandKeep is Cloud Storage + A Retail Centric Organizational Method

BrandKeep will make life a lot easier for busy retailers this trade show season. Our  secret weapon is creating uniformity for retailers across every brand you work with. We all know retailers interact with too many systems on a daily basis, and keeping track of everything can be difficult. Most retailers are using a mix of desktop folders, email, and online storage systems to keep track of assets. BrandKeep changes all that.

Digital catalog in an email?
Order sheet on Dropbox?
MAP policy on your desktop?
B2B in your browser history?

Keep it all in BrandKeep.

Centralize your digital assets and information. BrandKeep is your team's hub across all the brands in your shop.

Get BrandKeep for your shop for free today!

No credit card required. After 30 days pick a free or paid plan and carry on.
Unlimited brands. 5 TB of storage. KeepMail.

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