Challenges and Solutions: Why We Built BrandKeep

With files living in multiple places, a retailer can spend an inordinate amount of time searching, instead of selling.

We built BrandKeep to keep retailers organized. With files living in multiple places – from local drives to cloud services – a retailer can spend an inordinate amount of time searching, instead of selling.

BrandKeep solves that problem by empowering retailers to collect content from disparate locations, and put it all into a singular retail-centric location. Your entire team will be able to use and share this content easily and efficiently.

Brand Cards keep your #%$@ organized


Brand Cards are the central storage location for content from each brand. Within a Brand Card, you can set up workspaces to organize by year, season, or any organizational format that meets your needs. You decide!

Workspaces make it easy to keep your Brand Card clean and organized. Easily share, organize, and find workbooks, line sheets, order forms, contacts, links, invoices, and more. And since all Brand Cards are a standardized layout and design, buyers can efficiently work across multiple brands and avoid confusion when searching for assets.

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KeepMail | Your new inbox | Easier asset collection | Send assets by email


KeepMail is your store’s inbox for receiving assets and information. Each BrandKeep account comes with a unique email address that sends assets right to the appropriate Brand Card. With KeepMail, you can avoid being the middle-man, and get those assets into your Brand Cards quickly and easily.

Share the email address at trade shows, and put it on your business card. BrandKeep will do the magic to put those files in the Brand Card.

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Track your work


BrandKeep is more than just organizing assets. You and your team can keep track of all the work that needs to be done too. Tasks in BrandKeep is a powerful tool that allows you to create a task, add deadlines and priority, and assign them to yourself or a team member.

All the tasks live in one simple view. Search for tasks by name, priority, brand, workspace, or status. And, link those tasks to brands and workspace. Everything is kept in its right place, and keeps you organized.

Bringing assets together

bk_party-2Centralized organization of assets is what separates BrandKeep from all the rest. You can upload assets from your computer or bring assets in directly from Dropbox or Google Drive with ease. Whether the files come from a cloud service, or KeepMail, or your local drive, BrandKeep does the work to put them in the right place.

Central storage

BrandKeep is that friend that knows everything, right away. BrandKeep makes your store more efficient by keeping all of your assets in a single location. Search by season, asset type, or brand, and sift through the results all in one place. Need the current season’s catalog? It’s in there. Need to place an order for a brand? It’s ready. Need to remind a coworker they couldn’t dance at the party? BrandKeep can store ALL of your videos from the trade show.

So much space


As you imagine storing all of your assets in one place, you might be thinking… Can BrandKeep store it all? Absolutely! We give you so much space, you’ll never need to worry about it. BrandKeep was built with retailers in mind. We estimate you’ll have enough storage space for more than six years worth of assets.

Keep moving forward

If you’re looking to get organized and boost your productivity, BrandKeep gives you the tools to store your assets, manage tasks, and generally get #%$@ done. Put BrandKeep to work in your store. With its ease-of-use, clean interface, and powerful backend features, you’ll be able to stay organized from pre-season to sell-through across all your brands.

Find what you need and get work done with BrandKeep.


Put BrandKeep to work in your store.




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