BrandKeep Is More Than A DAM

BrandKeep shares some similarities with a digital asset management system, but it's specific focus on making life easier for retailers makes it so much more.

Here’s something we get asked a lot: Is BrandKeep a Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool? The short answer is no, not exactly. But, also kind of. 

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We’re kidding. You probably want a bit of an explanation. Basically, BrandKeep isn’t a DAM tool because it’s built specifically for retailers. A DAM tool is typically industry agnostic. This creates a different goal for us, because we aren’t only focused on “organizing your things” like a DAM tool would be. We’re focused on providing tools that enable you to run a more successful store.

Let’s unpack that a bit more. We’ll start by making sure we all understand the function of a DAM tool, then go into more detail on why BrandKeep isn’t confined to being just that.


A Digital Asset Management tool is a piece of software that creates a systematic approach to organizing and managing your digital assets. But wait, what is a digital asset? It’s any file type that comes in a digital format and includes documents, images, videos, audio content, animations, media files, presentations, and more.

One of the key aspects of a DAM tool is that it gives your organization the ability to manage and distribute these digital assets to various internal and external stakeholders. It’s a very powerful way to deliver files quickly and easily, secure important access, integrate files with your entire technology solution, and ensure a single source of truth for employees, clients, and contractors.

That’s not the entire goal of BrandKeep, although we do borrow some of it. So, if we’re not a DAM tool, but we do some of the same things, what are we?

More Like BAM!

BrandKeep is a little bit more focused than a traditional DAM tool, in that we have a singular goal of making life easier for retailers by centralizing the incoming assets and information from a brand. That makes us a Brand Asset Manager. BAM! It’s more fun to say than DAM too.

digital_assetsBrandKeep is your shop's home for all kinds of assets and information.

We automate the process of receiving, organizing, and centralizing all the digital catalogs, workbooks, order forms, contacts, B2B portals, marketing assets, and more that your store receives from a brand. And, in that sense, we act similarly to a DAM by creating a centralized place for everyone on your team to access brand assets.

But, our focus on making life easier for retailers is where we diverge.

Living The Life With BrandKeep

While there is incredible value in centralizing a brand’s assets to smooth out ordering and other workflows inside your shop, the real magic is in how that happens. BrandKeep has two powerful tools to do the heavy organizational lifting for retailers: Brand Cards and KeepMail.

Brand Cards are where you store each brand’s digital assets – all those order forms, workbooks, etc. we mentioned above. And KeepMail is how you get those assets into the BrandCards, automatically, so you don’t have to spend countless hours organizing files.

Removing the hurdle of doing the actual organizing is just as important for a busy retailer as being organized.

Once those assets are organized we give you the power to invite your team into BrandKeep. This is another key differentiating factor in how our goal is to be more than just a DAM tool.


BrandKeep's task system keeps your team organized and working together.

Once your team is in BrandKeep, you can use our task system to keep your store even more organized. These tasks can be linked to Brand Cards and workspaces, then assigned deadlines and priorities. It’s another simple, but powerful way BrandKeep does a lot of the organizational work for you, so you can focus on your store, instead of messing with inboxes, spreadsheets, file folders, and all the backend maintenance that can take up so much of your time.

Organized And More

Clearly, we share some similarities with a DAM tool. But, our focus on creating a smooth path to success for retailers differentiates us from being just that. BrandKeep centralizes your brand assets, but it also takes the burden of sorting and organizing all those assets off the retailer, saving countless hours that are better spent growing the store.  

Combine that with the power of KeepMail, lots of storage space, Brand Cards, and our task system and… BAM! You’ve got something more than just a DAM tool.

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