Trade Show Season Is Here, Make It Easy With BrandKeep

Trade show season is a busy time in the life of a retailer. BrandKeep makes it easy to stay organized and ahead of the curve.

Life as a retailer is busy, especially during trade show season. You get to the show, meet with brands, build orders, (maybe hit up a happy hour or two) and then head home. And all that happens in just a day or two. That means you have to be organized and efficient. 

We can help with that.

You’re going to get a ton of assets and information from brands at the show. There are workbooks, product catalogs, lookbooks, MAP policies, B2B links, rep contacts, order forms, marketing assets, and more. Keeping it organized is time consuming (and you’d probably rather be at that happy hour).

BrandKeep is the answer. We solve this organizational challenge with the combined might of KeepMail and Brand Cards.


KeepMail delivers all your incoming brand assets and files directly into BrandKeep. Simply hand out your KeepMail email address at the show, or forward your existing email to that address, and boom! Now, you don’t have to organize anything – BrandKeep does it all for you, like magic.

Brand Cards

Every brand you work with gets its own Brand Card, housing all the assets and information you’ve collected for that brand. Easy to find, easy to work with.


KeepMail + Brand Cards = Magic

The trick here is that KeepMail is sending all your incoming brand assets directly to the correct Brand Card. Every workbook, order form, contact, catalog or critical asset a brand sends you is immediately sent to the correct Brand Card.

That means you don’t have to spend any time organizing the deluge of assets and clutter from the show when you get back to your store – or even during the show. BrandKeep is handling it all, so you and your team can focus on connecting with brands at the show, and delighting customers in your store.

It’s a game changer. BrandKeep saves you a huge amount of time, keeps your brand assets organized, puts your whole team on the same page, and gives you greater clarity into the orders you build with your brands.

And best of all, you can get started with BrandKeep for free.

We'd love to chat with you about how BrandKeep can make your life easier. Reach out to catch us at the Connect show by Grassroots Outdoor Alliance at booth #39, or sign up for BrandKeep here.

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