BrandKeep Isn't An Ordering Tool (But Actually...)

You can't place orders inside BrandKeep, so it's not an ordering tool. But, it definitely makes the process of ordering significantly easier... so it's an ordering tool.

What if we told you that BrandKeep isn’t an ordering tool. But, what if we also told you that BrandKeep is an ordering tool.

You’d probably be very confused (and we wouldn’t blame you)! Allow us to explain, because we think BrandKeep can unlock some hidden potential in your ordering process.

The Order Tool That Wasn’t

Can you place orders inside BrandKeep? No. It’s designed to organize all your brand assets and make them actionable. Placing orders is something you are doing inside a brand’s B2B (which you can access easily through BrandKeep).

However! BrandKeep does give you incredible transparency into your orders, by organizing everything you need to complete the ordering process on one Brand Card. All your purchase orders, Excel sheets, order deadlines, invoices, ship dates, communications between a brand and your buyers, and more, can now live in one spot.

You should definitely be using BrandKeep as part of your ordering process, which does, in fact, make it an order tool. 

Saving Dollars, Saving Time

This level of clarity in your buying process hasn’t been possible before without a considerable amount of organizational effort – which most retailers don’t have time for. Combine this level of visibility with the BrandKeep Tasks tool, and the upcoming Annotation tool that enables your team to communicate back and forth across specific assets inside BrandKeep, and you’ll see awesome gains in your operational efficiency.

That efficiency means no more wasted dollars. With all incoming brand information landing on a Brand Card inside BrandKeep, your buyers are all working with the same updated assets and information, easily accessible to everyone in the same spot. 

This plays out in a few different ways, all of them adding up to save your team time and money.

First, you will see a significant reduction (if not outright elimination of) errors caused by misinformation because all the needed assets and materials are in the Brand Card, and everyone has access to them. Second, no more wasted time or effort as your team tries to coordinate progress, because Annotations will keep everyone abreast of who did what and what needs to be done. And, no more missed deadlines, because Tasks keeps everyone moving forward.

It’s An Order Tool After All

So, are you placing orders directly in BrandKeep? No. But you are gaining a level of clarity into the entire process, and relying on the power of BrandKeep to create massive operational efficiencies when placing orders throughout the season.

BrandKeep isn't an ordering tool, but it actually is. And that’s a big win for your store.


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