Harnessing BrandKeep During Each Stage of The Seasonal Buyer Journey

BrandKeep will make sure your whole team is organized and on point during the seasonal buyer journey.

Retailers are familiar with the buyer's seasonal journey. It’s the path a buyer takes through the season – from partnering with brands and creating the initial buy, all the way through to selling the season.


The team at BrandKeep has decades of combined experience working with retailers and brands – through many seasons. That experience turned Envoy B2B into a best-in-class wholesale e-commerce platform. In addition, our extensive and valuable research into the challenges retailers face left us deeply familiar with the demands of a season, how and why retailers are overwhelmed, and the many ways brands can best partner with retailers. 

The challenges faced by retailers, and the pressures of navigating the seasonal journey is what inspired us to create BrandKeep. Retailers made it clear. There are too many systems. There is not enough time. And, keeping assets organized is difficult.

BrandKeep was built to centralize the storage of digital assets, and to keep your team focused, organized, and in sync throughout the seasonal journey.

Vision Quest

Partnering with New Brands, Reconnecting With Old Ones

Consider this the courtship phase. Brands are trying to entice you into giving them spots on your shelves by demonstrating shared values and getting you to fall in love with their products.

KeepMail was built to help handle the distribution of assets from brands to your team. When a brand uses KeepMail to send marketing and promotional materials, catalogs, workbooks, and other important brand assets, they are automatically sorted onto Brand Cards in BrandKeep. Now, everything you need to start your season with that brand is organized. And, it’s all easily accessible by your entire team.


Merchandise, Merchandise, Merchandise!

This is a very communication heavy phase as you work hand-in-hand with reps to build out your assortments. This is where your team is going to really start benefiting from having all the digital assets in one location. Everything is quick and easy to find, and pretty soon, you’ll even be able to annotate right on documents and work even more collaboratively! (Annotation is a little super secret upcoming feature on BrandKeep.)

KeepMail will continue to be essential as reps provide new images, videos, presentations, and other assets to show off products. But, Brand Cards are going to be the key workhorse for this step. 


Brand Cards centralize the storage of everything from B2B links to MAP policies to images to videos, and more. With KeepMail keeping the Brand Cards organized, and the entire team having access to those Brand Cards, it’s simple to build the best product assortments for your store.

The Buy

Getting Your Team On The Same Page

At this point, you’ve likely picked out all the brands you’re carrying for the season and worked out what products you want to purchase. Now, you need to figure out quantities and schedule shipments. That’s a lot of planning!

You’ll continue to utilize Brand Cards since they contain all the digital essentials you need for the season, but now is a great time to dig into BrandKeep’s task system.


Tasks keep your whole team up-to-date on what needs to be done for each brand to finalize orders and continue to efficiently move through the season.

The Plan

Harnessing Brand Support

BrandKeep can also keep your ordering cadence on track. Many retailers are doing more frequent, smaller buys over the course of the season, rather than ordering everything at once. BrandKeep gives you a centralized place to monitor all your brands across the different ordering stages.

Tasks can keep you on track for when to place orders, and Brand Cards (being fed by the magic of KeepMail) will have all your POs and shipping information for every brand easily accessible.

Create Experts

A Knowledgeable Team Sells More On The Floor

It’s time to turn your floor staff into experts. They need to know what makes all your brands unique and how to sell them. Use tasks in BrandKeep to get your team aligned. 

Block out time for your staff to dive into educational experiences, videos, assortments and catalogs (which can all be found in the correct Brand Cards) for each of your many brands. Use those digital assets to help your team become experts in the latest products and offerings from those brands.

Sell The Season

Hard Work Pays Off

It took a lot of planning and work to get here, but now it’s time for action. You’re on the sales floor talking to customers, selling products, and building your community. BrandKeep continues to support those efforts. Brand Cards are there when you’re ready to place replenishment orders, check on those MAP policies, or download images and videos you received earlier in the season. And, tasks in BrandKeep, continue to keep your team on track towards achieving your seasonal goals.

Get Started Now

The seasons don’t stop. There are always new products on the horizon, and you need to keep your store’s shelves up-to-date with the latest and best offerings.

Keeping that in mind, there’s never been a better time to try BrandKeep. It’s your opportunity to stay organized by centralizing all your digital brand assets, to give your team better focus, and to free up your time to work on building your store instead of sorting through B2B systems and brand assets in multiple locations.

Keep it together, with BrandKeep. Try it for free today!

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