How many brands does your store carry?

Line Sheets
Order Form
Order Forms

That's a lot of %#$@ to keep track of each year! BrandKeep can help.

BrandKeep empowers you to collect information from disparate locations...

Depths of email

Depths of Email

Brains of co-workers

Brains of Co-workers

B2B systems

B2B Systems

The cloud

The Cloud

...and put that information into a retail-centric format where your entire team can be empowered by it.

Brand cards on BrandKeep!

BrandKeep is where retail organizes.

  • Digital catalog or order sheet in an email? Keep it.
  • Pre-season XLS order sheet on a brand's DropBox? Keep it.
  • MAP policy sitting on your desktop? Keep it.
Stay organized from pre-season to sell-thru across all your brands. Find what you need, get work done, be more happy.
Retailers Love BrandKeep!

“With BrandKeep, the buyers in our shop have an efficient place to organize and quickly access brand assets in a consistent way – within and across departments."

Charlie Wise, Owner
The Mountaineer
Keene Valley, New York

Brand Cards. Only on BrandKeep.

Put BrandKeep to work in your store.